From Paris With Love: Our Elopement At Paris Through The Lens


23rd December 2012

Notre Dame Paris

This is where we commenced our photo session with our local photographer Pierre.

We got off the taxi out the front of Notre Dame. I was wearing my pair of purple UGG boot and a navy colour duck down coat over the top of my my vintage lace wedding dress – not the most stylish combo but anything decent that keeps me warm could do in those chilly winter days in Paris! I reckon I totally looked like a runaway bride.

It was two days before Christmas so it came with no surprise that troops of sightseers were gathering out the front of this famous grand lady of the city.

How I wish I’ve polished my posing/ modeling skills before the session! Posing ‘naturally’ is sometimes not an easy task when you’ve got large audience around!

Well, my best tip? Dance like nobody’s watching.

And keep looking into each other’s eyes as if the world is just the two of you 😛

The Seine, the cobblestone streets, Le Louvre, La Tour Eiffel and Alexander III Bridge all made the perfect fairytale-like backdrop to our Parisian photo shoot. Capturing l’heure bleue (the blue hours) in the evening when the city just lights up for sure added some stunning and dreamy effects!

Last stop, we made it right underneath La Tour Eiffel, just the perfect timing when the light show was on and the Eiffel Tower was dazzling in spectacular gold and silver glitter. C’est maginique!

It was a little bit more than three hours of penguin-like cuddling trying to look cool while staying warm – and it all ended on an amazing note.

Image by Pierre Torset

P.S. Best tips: Pierre is extremely friendly and helpful local photographer based in Pairs, if you’re like me who is the first-timer to Paris and are looking for suggested itineraries for your photo sessions, get in touch with Pierre and he can start bouncing off some suggestions for you!


juliet-paris-hi-res-015 juliet-paris-hi-res-038



juliet-paris-hi-res-065 wedding_photos_paris


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  1. Lovely pics!

    1. Thanks Hayley! The handmade cuties on your blog are so adorable, love your talent x

  2. Great work Juliet ! Don’t stop blogging !!!

    1. That’s so nice of you, Pierre 🙂 Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  3. you two look so adorable!!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and following my blog!

      1. My Pleasure!! 🙂

  4. Hello! 😀 I was the one who wrote the quick post Not just a Photographer! on my blog. You are an ahmazing photographer yourself!! Lovely, Lovely pictures!!

  5. Juliet –
    These photos are beautiful!!! I adore your dress and the romance of love in Paris just shines through every photograph. A belated congratulations to you. 😉

    1. Ooh how sweet of you Yelena x Thanks for stopping by my way and spreading the love! Paris is truly a city to fall in love with, totally amazing in those Christmas lights!

  6. It’s hard to even process how pretty these pics are. I have seens some AWFUL wedding photos, but these are like you are living inside a movie, or a fairytale that the rest of us can only dream of. It makes me want to toss my Nikon in the dirt and buy whatever Pierre has.

    1. That’s such a lovely comment! Thank you so much! I wish I could be living in a fairytale in Paris, that would definitely be my dream comes true. No doubt my photographer did a remarkable job, I just wish I’d had more practices in front of the camera beforehand as we took quite a while to get in to the “action” to act natural, haha! You seem to have a great sense of appreciation for beautiful vintage images which I admire 🙂

  7. Love this post – fabulous wedding gown and lovely photography. Thanks for your support of mine!

    1. My pleasure, I love your amazing collection of vintage! Where are you based, and from city do you usually source your vintage treasures? Unique vintage items are rare find these days!

    1. Thanks so much Johanna for stopping by and spread the love!

  8. Breathtaking photos!

    1. Ooh thank you Andrea! Glad that you like my blog.

  9. I love this city so much. Beautiful photos!!

    1. I’m totally in love with Paris and miss their pain au chocolat dearly! Now I’m craving for one this morning 🙂 Thanks for stopping by here, have a blast in Maui for your honeymoon!

  10. […] the glitz and gold, the massive clip-on earrings and waist chains with chunky charms. Visiting Paris on honeymoon back in December last year, one of the most important mission I was on (that I didn’t tell my […]

  11. Fairy tale pictures, excellent 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Robert! Good on you for joining for B4Peace initiative!

  12. Lovely blog! So glad I found u on Instagram! Your photos are so beautiful. I have arranged a photographer to have my wedding photos taken in Paris in a month and I am now looking for makeup and hair stylist in Paris. Do u have anybody to recommend me?
    Thanks so much. Keep up the good blog!

    1. Hello Ivy! Thanks so much for stopping by my way and I’m thrilled that you like my wedding photos 🙂 My MUA in Pairs is Moon and she’s amazingly friendly and professional, I’ve just emailed you her details. You’ll make a stunning bride for sure, can’t wait to see your wedding photos from Paris! Many congratz for turning a mrs, when is your big day?

  13. Pretty, I like the sleeves.
    Weren’t you afraid of getting your dress dirty though?
    What date is your wedding planned?

    1. Thank you! I feel in love with the sleeves at first glance and I knew straight away this is the dress I wanted! Sadly the train was heavily soiled as the its was actually drizzling the day we had our wedding shots in Paris. Luckily though, I wore the dress at my wedding reception before taking it to Paris! I’ll have some photos taken at my reception on my blog soon so please come back for a visit 🙂

  14. What gorgeous pictures! I think it’s a fabulous idea to get married here. The memories… 🙂

    1. Aw! How sweet! Thanks for checking out my blog. I was thinking of having a small ceremony in a chapel in Paris, but planning a destination wedding turned out to be too much of hard work. The photos are definitely a visual diary of the sweet memories 🙂

  15. What gorgeous pictures! This is how a dream wedding should be captured. 🙂

  16. Some really awesome photos there. Congratulations 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words! Do come drop by my way again and hoping we can keep in touch via our blogs 🙂

  17. Simply Chimerica · · Reply

    I love how feminine and girly, yet refined your gown was, it really gave me a sense of old paris glamour!

    1. That’s really sweet! Thanks! I had it tailor made over the internet so I’m absolutely thrilled that it fits well and it looks exactly like what I was expecting, I think the high collar and the lace sleeves are what melted my heart at first sight… 🙂

    2. Btw I think you should Qi Pao definitely! You’ll look as gorgeous as an Asian doll for sure! I rented one for my wedding and the look & feel of the photos are totally different from the wedding gown ones, sort of carried that old Shanghai glamour!

  18. Thanks for dropping by my blog. These are beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 Glad that you enjoyed reading my post!

  19. Beautiful! You both look so happy and in love! And thank you for liking my post! 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much! I love seeing your vintage find, makes me happy even if I don’t get to buy them 🙂

      1. Awww you’re so sweet! Thank you. I’m glad it makes you happy! I love seeing what other people find too! 🙂

      2. You do have some great vintage finds there! Do you mind sharing where you usually go for your vintage hunt? 🙂

      3. Thanks again! No not at all. 🙂 I usually go to my local op-shops around my suburb, and I go to trash and Treasure markets. The markets sell second hand items, like clothes, and some other things like tools. I go for the clothes, jewellery and decorative objects! 🙂

  20. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! We are planning a trip to Paris and this post has made me even more excited!!! Thanks 🙂

    1. Ooh I get excited too every time when I know someone is heading to Paris! Coz I know it’s gonna be an AMAZING trip filled with macaroons, pain au chocolat and vintage treasure finds 🙂 Can’t wait to see your photos from Paris, happy travels x

  21. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog and that’s an amazing dress (what a train)!

  22. Katherine · · Reply

    Oh my god Juliet – I’ve only just seen the photos now! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find them! What incredible backdrop for your wedding shoot – love it! Love it! LOVE IT! That is one stunning dress – very you! Good to see Hanz didn’t wear the trad black ensemble! xo

    1. Aww you little sweatpea! I’m excited that you found your way to my blog Katherine 🙂 I’m always thinking you’d make an awesome blogger as your travel photos just make everyone envious of your good times! Oh you couldn’t believe how hard it was to get Hanz to ‘suit up’ 😛 And it was kind of testing his level of patience to the max getting him to do the photo shoot for an afternoon haha! Well, we did it and I’m proud of my man 🙂

  23. […] Warning: These blue images from  my travel in France might provoke feelings of post-vacation blue, if you happen to be just like me, found yourself longing to return to the land of macaroons after a recent visit… […]

  24. wow!! amazing pictures. *jaw drops*

  25. Some STUNNING HDR photography, here. I especially love the second shot in the above series, with the two of you on the iron staircase and a defocused Eiffel Tower in the background.

  26. Thanks for dropping by my blog…and nice wedding dress…i am getting married too, happiness to both of us! 🙂

    1. Wow how sweet! Many congratz to you too!! Where will you be getting married? Can’t wait to see some wedding photos from you, your travel photos are simply stunning and gave me the wanderlust… x Juliet

  27. Absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much for spreading some love my way! Lovely connecting with you here, do drop by again 🙂

  28. Holy cow! I have never seen any portraits so beautiful! What a lovely idea (and I love elopements — and Paris)! Congrats to you both!

    1. Aww thanks a bunch miss sweetpie xo I was really lucky to have found such a talented local photographer in Pairs for our shoots and he made it so much fun too 🙂

  29. What romantic photos, did you actually get married in Paris or was it just a professional shoot?
    Whichever, fairytale shots. gorgeous.

  30. Beautiful! You look amazing!

  31. These are absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking!

    1. Thank you sweetheart! I’ve printed out the one we took in front of Eiffel Tower on a large canvas, simply can’t stop staring at it! The composition, the lighting and the mood set were just perfect 🙂

  32. Amazing pictures!!

  33. Incredible! Makes me want to go back to Paris, the photos really capture the spirit :). And you looked amazing!

  34. […] dress regret syndrome’ that seems to hit most of us ladies post-wedding. I picked a vintage style bridal gown with high collar, lace sleeves and lace-up back which I think is quintessentially me and embodied […]

  35. Wow, Juliet, I love your vintage dress, especially the train, and your choice in elopement destinations! I’ve looked through your blog and I really love it! Just my style 🙂


    1. Nice to have you stop by Cass 🙂 Thanks for your lovely words, it feels wonderful to have someone echo with my stories! You’re a beautiful writer & I’ll be following your adventures x

  36. Well thank you! When did you go to Paris? My fiance and I are planning to be in Paris in December (unfortunately not for an elopement) but I would love to get some suggestions for places to go if you remember anything special! 🙂

  37. OH! That was incomparably one of the most inspiring posts I’ve ever read! many many happy days ahead to you and your loved one. I’m terribly jealous and yet also infected by the joy exuding from this post.

  38. liza98000 · · Reply

    These are some of the most touching wedding photographs I have ever seen! How romantic!!!

  39. Amazing photos and post. Classic romantic, beautiful 🙂

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