Style Inspirations: Life As Richard Branson’s PA In The Caribbean


Necker Island on The Caribbean, image courtesy

Ever wonder what life is like as a celebrity Personal Assistant? It can’t get any better than this: your office comes with a 360 degree view of the shimmering blue on the Caribbean, you get to sip a chilling glass of tamarind mojito while working at the poolside bar, and the best of all? Your all-inclusive accommodation is provided on one of the exclusive lodges on the private island of Richard Branson’s – Necker Island! Is this the next best job in the world?

I came across this lucky (and I believe who’s also extremely talented) lady called Samantha Cox, an ex-PA to Richard Branson, from a radio interview while I was stuck in traffic on my way to work this morning and started dreaming away…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find this job vacancy on Virgin career site at the moment (I did Google this morning!), and I didn’t believe I’d be quite qualify for the role either (Samantha mentioned in her interview that Richard likes tall blonde girl, bummer)!

While not a lot of us could score such a glamorous job, it’s doesn’t take much effort to bring on a little bit of Caribbean fantasy to your wardrobe and your style. The recipe? Think bold and electric colours mixed with Caribbean blue. Don’t be shy to put on some bling-blings for the ultimate glam faux gemstones and colourful feather-trimmed accessories are Caribbean’s girls’ best friends! For a more playful look, how about mixing in some flamingo prints? Shades of sky blue and pale pink blend in well to create the romantic look of the Caribbean sunset too.

Here are my pinspirations, share your Caribbean style too by tweeting your photos to me @Lacenruffles, or with the hashtag #lacenruffles on Instagram to get a chance for your photos & your blogs to be featured here!



Party queen Caribbean style


Sick of fake tan? How about shimmery & doll-like makeup for the Caribbean style?


Dior dress in the magical shades of Caribbean sunset


Dreamy nail art in shades of Caribbean blue


Nail colour by Chanel in Caribbean blue


Zimmermann floral print bikini blends in perfectly with the blue (image credit:


Wanna take these Kate Spade tote bags to the sand of the Caribbean?


Kate Spade iphone case in flamingo print


A work zone with a view anyone?


Hanging out by the candle-lit beachside…

Can’t wait till you hit the island one day? Quench your thirst in the meanwhile by attempting this secret recipe of tamarind mojito, the island’s signature cocktails and the favourites of many! #Nomnom…

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  1. I am not sure i can go all in with the Caribbean Style…but definitely love those vibrant color!! Wish I can do Caribbean blue nails at work >< maybe wait for my next vacation!!! ❤

    1. I’m confident that you can create some beautiful nailart for yourself with your great artistic sense! I’m a bit hopeless as I can’t even hold a paint brush lol :p

      1. I wish I know how to hold cosmetic brushes like you do!!! =P

  2. Makes me think of summer..was nearly there on Monday..or was that it?! x

    1. how about a sip of tamarind mojito for an early taste of summer? ;P

  3. […] sandy beaches and shimmering blue. I found myself island-dreaming again! Santonrini, Capri, or the Necker Island in the Caribbean? It’s kind of a difficult decision to make isn’t it? Being it’s only a four-day […]

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