I’m dreaming of a white island… Fraser Island calling

Thinking of long stretch of white sandy beaches and shimmering blue. I found myself island-dreaming again! Santonrini, Capri, or the Necker Island in the Caribbean? It’s kind of a difficult decision to make isn’t it? Being it’s only a four-day Easter weekend, I’m taking an island vacation close to home on the east coast of Australia. Charmed because of its awe-inspiring coastline, and famed by its World Heritage listed status, Fraser Island has earned my return visit.

Sharing here some astonishing splashes of late summer colours from a few angles along the 124-kilometre coastline on Fraser Island. Shades of white, blue and green, perfected with pale amber through the chilled beer glasses after a long day in the sun – island life is simply magnifique! 🙂


Waking up to the mind blowing colours of the Lake McKenzie



The boys’ synchronized swimming team making their best shot of the day



Fraser_Island 01

Fell in love with everything acid yellow for summer!



Exploring the four-wheel-driving territory




  1. Hi, it’s Nat. When you were you at Fraser Island? I was just there at Easter

    1. Hey there Nat! I was over on Fraser during Easter too! We stayed at the Kingfisher Bay for 3 nights and were out and about on the four-wheel territories every day. We made it to the Indian Head and the water there was simply magical! What was your highlight?

  2. Very pretty outdoor!

    1. Thanks Sunish! It was paraside indeed. Feel free to publish or link to these photos if you wish 🙂

  3. Amy @ Healthy and Fit for Real · · Reply

    Looks beautiful there!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Amy 🙂 Fraser Island is definitely a piece of gem with unique & stunning scenery. Did that persuade you to put it on your travel bucket list? 😉

  4. oh this is making me miss australia! I got a sunburn on Fraser Island that was soothed by the amazing tea tree oil lake. so amazing!

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