Style Inspirations: Tea Party With Alice In the Wonderland

I’m letting my imagination run wild and lead me to the wonderland. What if I was invited to a tea party with Alice, the Red Queen, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit? I’m going to dig deep into my closet and find the perfect ensemble for the enchanted moment…

Floaty chiffon fabrics, luxurious lace-trimmed dresses, ruffled hem skirts and shades of sugar candy colours highlighted with glitters of silver, could you see this ‘White Queen inspired style’ on yourself?

taylor says silver heelsgreen-ruffled-dresswhit lace dress alice inspiredBlue+Wedding+Dressapple green lace dressChanel heels_pink_rufflesmoschino-cheap-chic-2012

However if you want to release your inner Red Queen instinct, think bold: Heading turning red velvet dresses, rhinestone-embellished heels, diamante statement jewellery and revealing sheer fabrics that glide on to your skin. On the catwalks, it’s nothing overstated that no one does the Red Queen style better than the mother of punk, Vivienne Westwood.

vw-wild-feather-capethe red queen_alice_in_the_wonderlandfloral dress
alice in the wonderland inspired styleVivienne-Westwood-Red-Wedding-Dressembellished-floral-heels

So tell me dear reader, have your ever had an Alice in The Wonderland inspired moment?

Juliet_Siu_Lace N Ruffles

My very own Alice-inspired style! Hat: 70s vintage find from Westend market; Dress: local buy from Dragonberry

High tea alice in the wonderland inspired

Macaroons rings: bought from Paris Christmas market; Awesome foursome tea time with my BFFs: priceless!

alice in the wonderland cookiesvintage tea cups treehouse

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking my post! 🙂

    I like the picture of you with the afternoon tea treats… Looks like you enjoyed a very yummy afternoon tea!

    1. Nice seeing you on my blog too! Thanks for visiting Shelley 🙂 The tea place was callesd Tea and Niceties up on Mt Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland. It’s an absolutely gorgeous place! From beautiful tea cups to lace trimmed table cloth it’s where all ladies go to feel like the royal for a day!

  2. omg those afternoon tea cookies! they look so adorable!

    1. Ooh those cookies are no doubt too delicate to be eaten!! Did I inspire you to do some baking? 😉

      1. Yes, totally! I’ve been thinking of getting an oven for quite some time now haha!

  3. this is so cute! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Glad that your like my style inspirations 🙂

  4. klaudiakey · · Reply

    I love the carrot hat ! 😀

    1. Same here! The carrot hat are simply fashion-licious! Inspiration for next dress-up theme party maybe? 😉

  5. All the pictures are so inspiring! Love your dress.
    xo Ciera

    1. Aww you’re such a sweet pie Ciera! It’s been lovely and inspiring to be connecting with you here 🙂 You’re showing some awesome talent and great fashion sense at such a young age, keep up with the good work x

      1. Aww thanks so are you! Same here, you live in Australia right? You’re so sweet, I appreciate it so much :)x

      2. Yes I’m a Brisbane girl in the sunny state of Queensland 🙂 Same here, I love getting inspired and that motivates me to keep blogging.

      3. That’s amazing you are so lucky! After college I want to move there 😀 and there is so much inspiration to be found on here!

  6. This post is fashionably delicious !

    1. I’m calling it fashion-licious! Haha x Fashion and something sweet always go hand in hand don’t they? 😉

  7. Ooooh I LOVE your blog!!!!!

    1. Awww thanks a bunch for sending some blog love my way darl x

  8. I don’t know when I will EVER wear them, but I NEED those shoes (in the first pic) in my life!!

    1. I totally hear you! I stopped justifying why I need a new pair of shoes to make me feel less guilty for the purchase haha! As long as they make your feet happy 🙂

  9. I love the tea party ideas, so cute! Also, thank you for stopping by my blog!

    1. Thanks a bunch for stopping by my way too!

  10. You look fabulous! Loveee the whimsical pictures.


    1. Thank you sweetheart! I do have to admit that I have some wild imagination from time to time, signs that I’m trying to escape from day to day routine? 🙂 Happy to connect with you here, love your blog x

  11. So cute!

  12. Amazing! 🙂

  13. Thank you for liking my post! 🙂 That was very nice of you!

    I love all the different images and styles here! The food pictures look absolutely scrumptious!

  14. Lovely blog! J’adore the Chanel heels ❤

    1. My heart’s melted for those Chanel heels! Lovely to have you stopped by x

  15. […] I’m all frocked up in floral and just need to soak up some sun in a garden party with Alice, White Rabbit & perhaps the Mad Hatter too…  So tell me Dear Reader, will I see you there in your most-loved floral […]

  16. WhiteTrinity · · Reply

    Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. What a lovely blog you have. I really enjoyed the Tea Party! You look very pretty in your 70s-inspired hat and the beautiful tea tray. Look forward to reading more. Cheers, Mrs. J

  17. Beautiful photos and theme! So many beautiful dresses and I love the Alice shoes!

    1. Thanks so much sweetie! I simply can’t take my eyes off that pair of glittery Alice heels and found myself falling in love too easily again… 🙂

  18. OMG, I loved this post! Thanks for visiting my blog, perhaps my 1st post is in portuguese, I am trully glad you liked it! Hope to see you more often to check my texts. xxx

    1. Nice to have you stop by Fabio! And thanks so much for following my blog too. I hardly understand any Portuguese, but your photo of the bottle of Veuve Clicquot has definitely caught my eyes and started me drooling haha! I guess good food and wine are the universal languages across cultures 🙂

      1. You are 100% right, I love food and wine, and there’s nothing better than a tasteful dinner with a very good wine.
        I love the wine culture, and I work for a wine Store in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil… I trully love what I do, and that’s what life’s about: do what you want and you’ll be happy.
        I’ll post a new text soon, and I will try to send it for you in english.

      2. That’s lovely Fabio! You’ve got a wealth of knowledge in wine and I’m sure that will make some interesting content on your blog! Do you guys stock mostly local wines?

      3. Not only local wines, but also wines from Europe (we call Europe in Wine Language “old World”) and wines from countries around the World. It’s quite awesome to deal with good wines and champagnes… xxx

      4. Totally! I could see how you would enjoy turning up at work every day to taste the freshest (or the oldest) drops 🙂

  19. Oh swoon!!!!!!

    1. Haha thanks for being so lovely! 🙂 How I wish I could own every piece of these Alice collection!

  20. I keep coming back to this post, can I just move in?

  21. Love the Alice in Wonderland shoes in the first photo!!

  22. Thank you taking a peak at my blog.I will be following you as you have the most gorgeous wedding dress in cream lace I think its one my daughter may just be interested in.

  23. LOVE the shoes! Great post – thanks for sharing and for visiting/following my blog too.

  24. Lovely blog especially the Alice in Wonderland feature, gorgeous photos.

  25. Love it! Especially the Queen of Hearts outfit!

    1. The Red Queen’s outfit is merely captivating isn’t it? Love how it’s got the mysterious power of bringing out one’s inner dark side..

      1. Especially one’s inner dark & fashionable style!

  26. Wow! There are some magical images here! Lovely post and what a special blog!

    1. Thanks so much dear! Nice to have you stop by 🙂

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