My Floral Fantasy and A Blooming Wardrobe

Fabled and True

Image by Fabled and True

It’s the blooming season!

Well, not quite here in the Southern hemisphere as we gradually go into hibernation, but the full blossoms seen all over on the Spring 13 runways have got me into the mood for a blooming wardrobe.

From this season’s Dolce and Gabbana oh-so-lovely floral sunglasses, Kate Middleton’s floral headpiece, to those vintage floral prints sun dress by Fabled and True, I’m finding so much style inspirations for my blooming wardrobe!

Now I’m all frocked up in floral and just need to soak up some sun in a garden party with Alice, White Rabbit & perhaps the Mad Hatter too… 🙂  So tell me Dear Reader, will I see you there in your most-loved floral gowns?



fabled and true vintage floral dress

Image by Fabled and True

fabled and true

Image by Fabled and True

blossom headpieces

Ballerina baby bun tie by Blossom Headpieces

30 foot floral replication wedding dress


Bridal collection by Claire Pettibone


Bridal collection by Claire Pettibone


Bridal collection by Claire Pettibone

zimmermann floralfloral chanel bag

Natalie-Portman-for-Miss-Dior-Eau-De-Toilette-1floral vintageJuliet Siu


  1. Love the dresses! I just wish I have the guts to wear them. 😀

    1. How lovely having you stop by my way Rachelle 🙂 Every woman deserves to wear floral to feel ultra feminine I reckon!

  2. I love floral dresses, I have so many in my closet already (:
    Your blog is so cute!
    Maybe we can follow eachother? (:

    Love, Liese

    1. I just love you look Liese! And your blog is simply the sweetest! Cats and dresses – you’ve got both of my most treasured things 🙂 I’m following you on Chitopia, can’t wait to see more of your outfit from you little sweetpie x

  3. chiquechick47 · · Reply

    You had me at the floral headdresses. This blog is truly wonderful and very cultural. I’m going to have to follow you to keep up with your whimsical life and posts! <3!!

    1. Thanks! I didn’t really thought about being cultural but I guess that just came through from my travel as I always love to explore local culture while I’m there. Mingling with the locals is the most stimulating and exciting part of travel 🙂

  4. Love this post! I’m obsessed with floral headpieces. Have you tried Jo Malone’s Roses scent? Perfection.

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