Defining Dark Romanticism: Hangout with Fashion Designer Gail Reid of Gail Sorronda

Lace n Ruffles went behind the scene of this year’s CommBank Natural Fibres Fashion Parade Brisbane and hung out with the local design sweetheart Gail Reid, whose label Gail Sorranda has caught the eyes of fashion a-list including Karl Lagerfeld and Stefano Gabbana.

As sweet as she seemed with her candy-colour outfit and charming smile, it didn’t take long for me to discover her ‘dark side’. There’s something truly captivating behind her black lace wedding veil…

Gail Sorronda Brisbane

Me: I read that you’ve lived in Paris and London. Where are your go-to places for inspirations in each city?

Gail: I really like those old cementary, because I thought they’re really beautiful. They’re like park with ivy growing all over the angels. To me, they’re kind of spiritual like outdoor garden churches. I always thought it’s beautiful how you see the old Frenchmen visiting the graves of their wives and watering their flower pots, it’s so cute!

I also love to head to the markets and local restaurants. I’ve met a guy who’d wear the same outfit every single day – black high heels, black leather pants and black eyeliners. We started chatting and he showed me films that he’s worked on, and said to me how he’s witnessed a murder. He’s like a really interesting person. Those are the sort of things that I find inspiring, and places that have got history and feelings.

Me: Congratulations on joining the ‘Mrs’ league! Where did you have your wedding? What was your wedding style?

Gail: Thank you! It was up in Mount Tamborine (Gold Coast Hinterland). I designed my own wedding dress and it was made in Italy. It’s something I love – bigger sleeves, the cape and drape and fitted silhouettes. I had a black spiderweb-like lace veil.  I was going to wear all black, black veil and black dress but then I thought black and white would be better for lights and contrast in photos.

Me: Show us your engagement ring?

Gail Sorronda Brisbane

Gail: This ring is made by a French jewelry designer, my partner and I picked it together when we were in Paris.

Me: Was it love at first sight for you with this ring?

Gail: There was actually another one that I liked which was a black diamond and that was really cool, but I was a bit worried because it was a bit too on trend. I just don’t like the idea of black diamond being popular, so we went for one that is more contemporary and minimal. I don’t like the idea of being on trend.

I can see that Gail’s awe-inspiring design, which is often described as a vivid display of ‘Gothic romanticism’ comes from her interesting persona.

This post is written from my interview with Gail for my guest post on the Ekka blog. Gail Sorranda together with a number of other Australian top designers will be showcased in this year’s Ekka program. Check out my full interview with Gail Reid here. Can’t make it to her Brisbane show? Here are a few pieces from her current collection which are my personal favourites…

Gail Sorronda Brisbane Gail Sorronda BrisbaneGail Sorronda BrisbaneGail Sorronda Brisbane

The Lace n Ruffles Black Book:

Gail Sorronda

Shop 8, 19 James St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD 4006



  1. Very interesting wedding outfit. Would not have thought black, but it works for her.

    1. The black veil and white gown did create some sparks! I think she said it’s a tradition to wear black lace veil somewhere in Italy. Regardless it brought out her duality and she shines like a black diamond..

  2. Such an interesting interview! And also quite eye-opening to see black and white being done in weddings in a different manner – black veils, that’s the first for me!

    1. Hi there Ada! That’s the first for me too, very interesting indeed as black is a big no-no for weddings in the Asian culture. It really strikes me though, and personally I would have considered wearing one for my pre-wedding photoshoot for the dramatic effect. You actually led me to do a bit of research on the origin of a black wedding veil – “Historically, black veils are the preference for royalty specially black, were hard to acquire. Royalty would show their wealth through the use of special dyes. It was only in the 19th century after Queen Victoria’s marriage that wearing white became the vogue” – Always interesting to look back in time and reflect on why we’re doing things the way we are! x Juliet

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  5. That last wedding photo…with the llama…what a beauty she is. Gail, not the llama.

    1. Haha! The cheeky llama did steal some spotlight but Gail was simply stunning! Love the humor factor it gave to their wedding photos 🙂

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