Ekka Style Preview: CommBank Natural Fibres Fashion Parade

Fashion and agriculture – ever wonder what these two have in common? For style addicts like myself whose ‘bread and butter’ of every day are fashion mags, stilettos and clutches, fashion is as vital as agricultural products to nurture these fashion souls. When we think about their roots and origin, both seem to flourish only because of the finest elements around us. To celebrate the beautiful Queensland nature, its abundant natural resources and the shining stars of local fashion scene, Brisbane puts on its loudest festivity in August every year at the Ekka show. One of the featured events is CommBank Natural Fibres Fashion Parade where local Australian designers showcase their current season’s masterpiece, crafted mainly from wool, cotton and silk to tie in to the agricultural theme. Being a super die-hard fan of the Ekka, I put my hands up to be one of the blogger ambassadors for the event and was lucky enough to score myself a reserved seat to their preview night. It was a night of rubbing shoulders with the fashion media and VIPs, sipping champagnes and snapping photos of some of most stunning outfits by the likes of Gail Sorronda, Bora, Paul Hunt and Easton Pearson – tough gig I know but someone’s gonna take it on! 🙂

Ekka Fashion Parade

Garden romance created by Paul Hunt

Ekka Fashion Parade DMoore

Fierce little red dress by DMoore

Ekka Fashion Parade Gail Sorronda

Noisy Ocean Dress by Gail Sorronda, one that I’ve photographed and published in my feature story on The Ekka blog: http://blog.ekka.com.au/2013/07/commbank-natural-fibres-fashion-parades.html

Ekka Fashion Parade Gail Sorronda

Beach House Skirt by Gail Sorronda, perfect for the Ekka vibe!

Ekka Fashion Parade Bora Wedding Dress

Bora wedding gown which is a two-piece set, one that I’ve also photographed for my interview with Bora to be published on the Ekka blog in our ‘Behind The Scene’ series

Ekka Fashion Parade

The best of the night? When three cool cats bloggers meet up it’s gonna create some sparks. Yolonda from BNEstyle has got some magical photography skills, while Ashleigh from The Blonde Silhouette is stylishly photogenic! We spontaneous started working on our first ‘collaboration shoot’ with Ashleigh and I decided to show our catwalk potential sneaking on to the runway!

The lace kitten ears I was wearing was simply a fashionable coincidence without knowing prior that I’d be doing some catwalks. 🙂

Hope you’ll enjoy our runway photos, and stay tuned for more of our Ekka style coming this way!

Juliet Siu Ekka Fashion Parade Lacenruffles

Image by Yolanda from http://bnestyle.com


Image by Yolanda from http://bnestyle.com

Juliet Siu Ekka Fashion Parade Lacenruffles

Image by Yolanda from http://bnestyle.com

Juliet Siu Ekka Fashion Parade Lacenruffles

Image by Yolanda from http://bnestyle.com

The Lace n Ruffles Black Book:

Ekka and The Royal Queensland Show

The Buzz: Official blog of The Ekka

8 – 17 August 2013


  1. Love the look!

    1. Sweet! Thanks for the lovely comment, I was just waiting for the perfect occasion to wear the lace kitten ears and here it was! 🙂

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