Behind The Scene Of Diner en Blanc Brisbane: Hangout with Event Co-host Brooke Williams

Brisbane 2012 - Dennis Vogelsang (1) (1)Got my white faux fur out,  white sequin embellished skirt and lace off shoulder top ready, dancing shoes polished to perfection, I’m in the mood for a night of elegance ‘en blanc’. Only three more sleeps until troops of revelers arrived at this year’s secret location of Diner en Blanc Brisbane, draped in their most elegant white outfit from head to toe, dining and wining under the stars in an early spring night in Brisbane. Last week, I spoke to the lovely Amy Grey, host of this year’s DEB Brisbane, and was excited to know that DEB Paris is next on both of our travel bucket lists! This week, apart from the frenzied hunt for my Diner en Blanc outfit and researching for taste bud tantalising ‘white food’ recipes, I spent three minutes with another lovely face behind this year’s DEB Brisbane to share her best tips to make the most of the night…

Brooke Williams | Urban Designer, Co-host of Diner en Blanc Brisbane


Have you personally attended any DEB overseas? What are your fondest memories, or which cities do you want to want to travel to for DEB?

No I have not. It is so hard to pick! I would love to see them all but if I can only have one it would have to be Paris. Paris was the origin for the first Diner en Blanc, a city I have always wanted to return to.

If you could hold the next DEB in any city and any place in the world where would it be?

Rio de Janeiro

Most rewarding part of organizing DEB?

Experiencing the event. There are no formalities to the night so we are anonymous and can sit back and appreciate everyone enjoying themselves.

How would you describe the fashion you saw on the field of last year’s DEB Brisbane? Were you stunned by any particular outfit?

Marilyn Munroe definitely springs to mind – Haha!

Describe your own DEB fashion style?

I do quite a bit of running around but like to wear a dress – so the safest white dress I can find!

Favourite places in Brisbane to shop or get inspired for the perfect DEB outfit?

Paddington boutique shops. There are some fantastic white accessories to be found.

Personal favourite set of plate and cutlery in true DEB style?

Georg Jenson Bo Bonfils.

Favourite types of flowers to decorate your own DEB table?


If you could invite along a famous person to DEB to share a table with you, who would the person be and why?

Hugh Jackman, do I need to explain? 😉

Best tips for the night to get into the spirit of DEB?

Don’t be shy, make it to the dance floor!

Dennis Vogelsang (18)
Brisbane 2012 - Vann Photography (25)

So tell me Dear Reader, where would you like Diner en Blanc to be held? Who would be your ideal date for Diner en Blanc? 

I’ve got my outfit sorted (think roaring 20’s and Gatsby-inspired romance!), but I’m desperately seeking advice for yummy yet easy-to-prepare ‘white food’ recipes for our three course Diner en Blanc meal since I’m no expert in the kitchen! Dazzle me with your brilliant ideas please.  🙂



(Images of last year’s Diner en Blanc Brisbane by D. Vogelsang Photography supplied by Agency North)


  1. Kym Smith · · Reply

    We’re having a cheese platter for entrée, chicken with potato salad, rice salad and white asparagus for main course, followed by white chocolate mousse for dessert. Tried to stick to the white theme.
    Kym Smith.

    1. Wow I could picture this in my head – beautiful all-white three course meal! I think I’m inspired by your white chocolate idea and might try to make some blonde brownies with it. Thanks for sharing this Kym! Bon appetite for the night 🙂

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