California-cation | Places To Nourish My Mind, Body And Soul

What do you do when feel you need some pick-me-up moments? Do you pack your bag and go travel to places that blow your mind? Or do you indulge in a little bit of guilty pleasure, like having a tub of chocolate fudge Ben & Jerry’s in bed? How about a bit of art and music therapy visiting museums and jazz lounge? That was me a while back when I felt I just need to hit that ‘pause’ button and pull myself away from the routine. I got my suitcase packed without a solid plan of where to go. Three days later, I found myself more than 9,000  miles away from home across the Pacific and started my California-cation, landed in San Francisco and stumbled upon bits and pieces along the golden West Coast.

Hello there, my lost soul! These were places where we met again… 🙂  Now follow us on our Instagram journey, would you?

  • California Sunshine, Art and Culture..For My Mind


Jaw-dropping view of the rolling blue waves at Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay


The Trolley Car – quintessentially San Francisco


Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco



Breathing in SF heritage at UC Berkeley



  • Ben & Jerry’s and the ‘Golden Great’ sugar fix…For My Body


Ahh…refreshing! Need I say more? The goodness of Ben & Jerry’s was nourishing for the body and soul after a day spent under the California sun. The ice creamery may not have been born in San Francisco, but they’ve spread their love to the city by offering a unique flavour called  ‘San Fran-tastic’. I was apparently a little bit too late for a pint of heaven as it was a one-day only offer in July featuring ingredients that received top votes from the city’s residents.

Apparantly, caramel ice cream with Graham crackers, covered with chocolate from Kika’s Treats, milk chocolate from TCHO and pieces of marshmallow are the keys to finding happiness and a pint of euphoria for people of San Fran. Now this is really drool-worthy! How I wish we’ll soon get a unique Gold Coast flavour with the new B & J’s opened at Surfers Paradise! Now I wonder what makes a perfect scoop of ‘Paradise flavoured’ ice cream?


Ghireldelli – Another San Francisco local’s favourite. My verdict? I’d say their chocolates are so much more addictive than their ice cream or thickshakes, so you know how to plan to spend the rest of your sugar quota wisely (if there is any!).

Don’t go home without: Dark & Sea Salt Caramel Squares – simply divine!


Berry me! @Ferry Building Marketplace

  • West Coast Jazz…For My Soul


A night of mellow jazz tunes from the era of Ella Fritgerald at Yoshi’s Oakland ended my day with a delightful note. I find West Coast jazz more appealing than East Coast sound as it’s typically a little bit mellower and more lyrical. A mix of marvelous local artists (and a lot big names performers from time to time), yummy cocktails, bite-size sushi and exquisite jazz lounge at Yoshi’s had me totally melted!

So tell me Dear Reader, where do you travel searching for your lost soul?




  1. Recently came across your blog & loving it! These pictures are beautiful – making me miss the West Coast! San Francisco is a gorgeous spot; hope you had fun!

  2. I lived in Seaside,CA,which is about two hours south, for a year(1999-2000),and I miss it deeply.Whenever I hear Sugar Ray’s “Someday” on the radio, it brings back memories of standing on a hill in the early evening,looking over the ocean, and thinking”Yeah I’m broke, and my marriage is holding together like a gingerbread house in a hurricane,but holy hell, I made it to California”.San Fransisco is the best city in the US,glad you had a good time.

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