Dress The Town In Pink! Brisbane Festival

Brisbane Festival

Brisbane FestivalBrisbane FestivalBrisbane Festival

Brisbane FestivalBrisbane Festival

Brisbane Festival

Brisbane FestivalBrisbane FestivalBrisbane Festival

Brisbane Festival

Whenever I see pink, there are two things that pop into my head. I think of sweet goodness and barbie doll-like girly style, and it’s no coincidence that both put a smile on my face. 🙂  Is there anything else that beats the sweetness of fairy floss, strawberry sundae, pink lemonade, barbie doll and all things associated in pink that bring back our fondest childhood memories? Brisbane celebrated the sweetness of spring aroma in style by dressing the town in pops of fluoro pink  during the month of Brisbane Festival. This carnival shade seems to carry much deeper meaning than the sweetness of festivity, it’s spread creativity, liveliness and urban buzz around town. It’s aroused Brisbanites from hibernation (though we seem to enjoy mild winter days of 27°C fairly often so no complains here!)

From the glowing Wheel of Brisbane lit in pink, to the dazzling Light Garden at The Cultural Forecourt and the firework display on the last night of the month-long festivity, it was uttering inspiring to see how the city has been transformed by this joyous, quirky shade of pink. If you’ve visited this beautiful river city previously, I promise you’ll be left speechless by the stylish look and blithe spirit it puts on only during Brisbane Festival.

In the true festive spirit, I was wearing a collar necklace (which can also be worn as a headpiece, how brilliant is that!) locally designed and hunted at Pretty Please Boutique. Just happened to be in right shade for Brisbane Festival. 🙂

So tell me Dear Reader, how does your city celebrate the coming of spring and what colour does it put on? Do you feel like playing ‘pretty in pink’ style to awaken your inner girly girl for spring?




  1. Such a fantastic looking time! ❤

  2. liza98000 · · Reply

    Looks like a magical festival! Gorgeous photographs! Need to add this to my bucketlist!!!

  3. Fantastic shots Juliet! I didn’t go to the festival but it looks like it was great 🙂

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