‘Tie Me Up’ For Movember

Women wearing ties

I remember how much I loved wearing my school ties in my teenage years, when the boys all seemed to hate it, while taking their ties off and unbuttoning their shirts right after school was considered to be in vogue. When I first saw this music video by the Korean artist Park Ji Yoon (way before K-pop rules over Asia) I was drooling all over her ‘man-ly’ style, captivated by the striking contrast from her ‘suit and tie’ look pairing up with bold red lips and feminine curves…

Since then, suit and tie have become my thing. The sophistication and the mysterious vibe of a girl with the most feminine feature ‘suiting up’ fully captures my fancy, I find it almost as alluring as the Black Widow or the Cat Woman. If you’ve been following me for a while, there’s no doubt you’ll agree I’m one of the most feminine types in terms of style, hence the name of my blog ‘Lace n Ruffles’, with soft, silky & velvety fabrics seem to dominate my wardrobe. Yet I’m inspired by androgyny, a style obsession of mine that I only occasionally display as the ‘other side’ of me. I randomly came across this burgundy wool women’s tie by Yves Saint Lauren from the 80’s in my mum’s wardrobe, and I found the perfect occasion to wear it when I decided to ‘mo-up’ the guys at work on a Friday for a team photoshoot.

Tie me up! Movember fashion

Image by Daniel Groneberg from http://thatstreetguy.com

Tie me up! Movember fashion

Image by Daniel Groneberg from http://thatstreetguy.com

Tie me up! Movember fashion

Image by Daniel Groneberg from http://thatstreetguy.com

These fun and uber cool shots are the work of my friend Daniel who’s recently been nominated for the International Black and Whit Spider Awards (check out my interview with him here).

Love my mo? I absolutely adore it! My friend commented that I look like mini Charlie Chaplin! What do you think? 🙂

Sadly for us ladies we aren’t cool enough to be able to grow a real mo, but here’s a little bit of ‘manliness’ you can carry for the good cause during the month of Movember…

Women in Ties

Source: ASOS FashionFinder

Women in Ties

Source: ASOS FashionFinder

I found myself a vintage tie and a sleek tailored suit, next on my wardrobe wishlist? A bow tie would be oh-so-sophisticated paring with a man’s hat! While I’m still hunting for one I’ve curated this ‘Man-Hat-Tan’ look on Polyvore:

Tie me up for Movember!
Now have you got the Mo to tie up for Movember? 

ASOS.com (AU)


  1. Love the mustache photo!! Great blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my way Patrick!

  2. Nice, I thought those images would never get used! Nice, thanks J. X

    1. Thank YOU indeed Dan, those shots are so much fun and your work is amazing as usual 🙂

  3. Catherine · · Reply

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  4. It’s so unfair that men get to have moustaches! I’m dead jealous- though having to shave my face every day would be infuriating! (At least with your legs you can just put on trousers!) 🙂

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