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What colour is your Cote d’Azur?

My Cote d’Azur was much more than just the coastal blue. Cote d’Azur, or the French Riviera in English, literally translates to ‘the blue coast’. I was greeted by the shimmering blue from the Mediterranean sea, brought glittery under the golden sun that was shining bright on a winter day as I drove into Nice […]


Enchanting France During The Blue Hour

The time right after the sun goes below the horizon and the sky painted in glowing deep blue is the perfect moment to see the landscapes and glittering lights in France in their most enchanting form. This is the blue hour, or ‘le heure bleue’ as the French called it. Visiting France in winter months means […]


A Guilty Pleasure: Hunting For Vintage Chanel in Paris

I’ve been a frequent pinner on Pinterest for a while. I was thrilled when I first explored Pinterest – finally there’s an awesome papaerless way to save and display all my favourite visuals! I used to keep folders of images that I cut out from fashion mags since I was a teenager and pinned them onto […]

From Paris With Love: Our Elopement At Paris Through The Lens

23rd December 2012 Notre Dame Paris This is where we commenced our photo session with our local photographer Pierre. We got off the taxi out the front of Notre Dame. I was wearing my pair of purple UGG boot and a navy colour duck down coat over the top of my my vintage lace wedding […]