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Tie Me Up Movember Style

I remember how much I loved wearing my school ties in my teenage years, when the boys all seemed to hate it, while taking their ties off and unbuttoning their shirts right after school was considered to be in vogue. When I first saw this music video by the Korean artist Park Ji Yoon (way […]

Christmas in Paris

Have you ever had that moment when you put your music player on shuffle, that song which sits on the bottom of your playlist pops up and it flashes back your fondest memories from THAT journey you had? I’m gonna share the song with you a little bit later, but here I’m reminiscing my great […]

Lacenruffles Lookbook Top | Vintage necklace and sunglasses | Chapel St Bazaar, Melbourne Off to one of most serene beaches on East Coast Australia, Noosa, in the most beautiful season of the year. Oh hello springtime, you’re so gorgeously blue! I’ve put together my 60’s inspired ocean blue style to create a harmonious look with the […]

Whenever I see pink, there are two things that pop into my head. I think of sweet goodness and barbie doll-like girly style, and it’s no coincidence that both put a smile on my face. 🙂  Is there anything else that beats the sweetness of fairy floss, strawberry sundae, pink lemonade, barbie doll and all […]

What do you do when feel you need some pick-me-up moments? Do you pack your bag and go travel to places that blow your mind? Or do you indulge in a little bit of guilty pleasure, like having a tub of chocolate fudge Ben & Jerry’s in bed? How about a bit of art and […]

Wearing a beige Americana hat with monotone outfit and a compact Leica X2 in his hand, Daniel is a chameleon in disguise among the concrete buildings and shades from the city’s skyscrapers. Daniel describes himself as chameleon and I simply love his witty metaphor! If he’s a chameleon he’s got to be the most agile […]


Why do we girls only get to pick and wear a wedding dress once in our lives? You may say that’s because we can only choose one Mr. Right, but this is simply not the same! In fact, choosing a perfect wedding dress sometimes can be much more dramatic than the journey to hunt for […]

Diner en Blanc Brisbane

From my obsession with Louboutin stilettos, vintage Chanel to Ladurée macaron, I’m a self proclaimed Francophile. When I first came across these photos from Diner en Blanc Paris last year that took place at the grand Notre Dame, that moment was simply wow-inducing! Diner an Blanc, an exclusive all white pop-up picnic event that’s started in […]

Stumbling upon this travel inspirations brochure by the Travel Associates about the Northern Lights journey had my jaw dropped. How could such a splendid and vivid field of lights be so out-of-this-world marvelous? I started dreaming away that I’d be travelling to the Arctic regions during the Christmas festivity, staying in an uber-cool igloo hotel […]